“Beauty Carry On” @Harbour City


Limited Edition Vanity Case X Exclusive Beauty Value Set  

Harbour City joins hands with Japanese fashion illustrator foxco for the first time in designing the two-way vanity case themed "Beauty Carry On". foxco specially features Obakéinu wearing makeup under a sky of shooting stars, which is her romantic reimagination of Hong Kong’s skyline. The eye-catching baby blue case made of faux leather features a handle and length-adjustable strap. It is also embossed and hot stamped with Hong Kong’s starry skyline making it the best fashion accessory for all occasions!


Harbour City also launches exclusive beauty value sets on 20 June to 15 July, which you can enjoy up to 50% discount for the signature products of over 30 beauty brands. You can also receive Harbour City “Beauty Carry On” Vanity Case and REWARDING EVERY DAY HK$200 Shopping Coupons for FREE for each set purchased!

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